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About The Owner,
Sean LaRose:

My experience with vintage cars started, quite literally, a few days after I was born. My parents brought me home from the hospital in the back of my father's 1972 Buick Gran Sport. Ever since I heard the growl of that 455, I have been hooked. I grew up restoring cars, taught shop for a few years at a local High School, ran the paint department for a local supplier, and for the last 15 years I have restored cars professionally.

I still have and drive my father's beloved GS and also own or have owned an ever growing list of classic Buicks, including a 72 GS455, '72 GS Stage1, 70 GS Stage1, '69 GS350, '67 Riviera, '66 GS Hardtop, '66 GS convertible 4-speed, '64 LeSabre, '60 LeSabre, '50 Sedanette and others.

When I am not working on a customer's car, I am usually working on, driving, or showing one of my own. Yeah, I guess you could say I am obsessed!
Our Philosophy:

At Paintworks Unlimited we do not just specialize in Buicks, we have restored everything from GTO's to Austin Healey's and we are passionate about every single one of them. One thing we do not specialize in is collision and insurance work. Classic car restoration is our number one priority and when a car comes into this shop, we work on it until it is done. At Paintworks Unlimited, your beautiful classic will not sit in a corner collecting dust while we tend to profitable insurance work. Your restoration is not "filler" work between jobs, it is priority number one! Everyone here loves classic cars: it shows in our work and in our reputation. We have been successful and fortunate enough to have a waiting list of jobs and we do not have the time, the space or the inclination to let them sit around.
Our Services:

Paintworks Unlimited is a full service shop offering everything from ground up restorations to minor repairs, maintenance and everything in between. Engine detailing, drive train upgrades, customizing, paint maintenance and repairs. You name it, we can handle it. We also stock a full line of speed parts and accessories.

For Sale:

We do not only do restorations, but sometimes we deal with cars/and or parts. If you want to know what is available for sale click here.


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